U. Schmid, J. F. Krems, F. Wysotzki (Eds.)
Mind Modelling:
A Cognitive Science Approach to Reasoning,
Learning and Discovery

This book focuses on the role and impact of computational models as research tools in major areas of cognitive science. In particular, it deals with the development, implementation and evaluation of computational models in the fields of reasoning, learning and discovery. The book addresses the discussion of formalization and computation with respect to different cognitive architectures as well. Furthermore, major architectures will be compared with regard to their impact on theories of information processing in different domains (e.g., natural-language understanding, problem-solving, knowledge representation).


T. R. Johnson: A Comparison of ACT-R and Soar

T. Read: Evaluating the Design Based Approach

R. Cooper, P. Yule, J. Fox, D. Sutton: COGENT: An Environment for the Development of Cognitive Models

F. E. Ritter, R. M. Jones, G. D. Baxter: Reusable Models and Graphical Interfaces: Realising the Potential of a Unified Theory of Cognition

G. Strube: Modelling Motivation and Action Control in Cognitive Systems

Ch. Schlieder, B. Berendt: Mental Model Construction in Spatial Reasoning: A Comparison of two Computational Theories

L. Alpay, E. Scanlon: Three Empirically-Based Experiences in Modelling Diagnostic Reasoning Processes: Features and Issues

L. Macedo, F. C. Pereira, C. Grilo, A. Cardoso: A Computational Model for the Creative Planning Faculties of Mind

F. Klix, Th. Bachmann: Analogy Recognition - Analogy Construction

N. Taatgen: Explicit Learning in ACT-R

U. Schmid, F. Wysotzki: Skill Acquisition Can be Regarded as Program Synthesis: An Integrative Approach to Learning by Doing and Learning by Analogy

F. Gobet: EPAM-Like Simulations of the Recall of Random Chess Positions

G. E. Miles, St. J. Payne: The Effect of Previous Problems in the Tower of London: Reminding or General Learning Imitating Reminding?


1998, 328 pages, ISBN 3-933151-25-2, Price:20,- Euro


Pabst Science Publishers
Eichengrund 28
D-49525 Lengerich

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