Roswith Roth (Ed.)
Psychologists Facing the Challenge of a Global
Culture with Human Rights and Mental Health


K. Pawlik: Adress at the Opening of the 1997 Congress of the International Council of Psychologists, Graz Austria, July 15, 1997

M. Abbott, R. Volberg: Gambling and Pathological Gambling Among New Zealand Maori, Pacific Islanders and Native Americans

M. Abbott, S. Wong, M. Au, W. Young: Chines Migrants’ Mental Health, Health and Adjustment to Life in New Zealand

R. A. Ahmedm E. A. Khalil: Relationship Between Perceived Parental Behavior and Neuroticism, Self-Confidence, and Aesthetic Feelings in a Sample of Egyptian Intermediate and Secondary School Students

E. V. Aidman: Implicit Self-Valuation: A Probe into Indirect Measurement of Self-Concept

T. Al-Nhar: Assessment of Life Skills Among the 4th Grade Students in Jordan: Implications of Educational Reform

A. S. Alzubaidi, A. Al-Hussain: Economic Socialization of United Arab Emirate’s Children

E. Assmar, M. Leal: Psychometric Analysis of the Interpersonal Orientation Scale: Brazilian Data

B. Bain, A. Yu: Whither Goest Language and Thought?

G. Bianchi, M. Popper, I. Lusik, M. Supekova: Cultural and Social Background of Sexual Satisfaction in Relation to Risky Sexual Behaviour: HIV/AIDS Risk-Related Research in Sexuality: Summary of Efforts in Slovakia 1993-1997

W. Bishop, J. M. Fish: Questions in Psychotherapy: A Videotaped Psychotherapy Analogue.

R. Borowik: Consciousness Changes of Academic Students Resulting from the Recent Political and Socio-Economic Transformations in Poland

L. A. Buck: Normal Rationality: Delusions and Illusions of Everyday Life

M. K. Chang: The Influence of Behaviorism in Special Education

R. C. Chia, L. Allred, B. Cheng, C.J. Chuang: Social Interaction differences between Chinese and Americans

Y.–C. Chuang: Cognitive Structure of Role Norms in Taiwan

L. H. Collins: When Clients follow The Rules: A Clinical and Social Psychological Critique

V. Cubela: Impression About an Ex-Detainee Person: Effects of Target’s Sex and Information About Rape

C. Cumming, B. Conner-Spady, D. Kieren, J. Turner, M. Hundleby, J.-M. Nabholtz, A. Lees, M. Handman, C. Wentzel, M. Robson, D. Cumming: Quality of Life, and Body Image in Breast Cancer Patients: Implications for Clinical Practice and Research

M. A. d’Amorin: Being a Political Candidate

J. Davis: Health Psychology Trends in International Perspective

J. F. DiGiovanni: Queens: Painted Sovereign Role Models

E. R. Greimel: The Impact of Cancer Treatment on Physical and Psychological Outcomes of Women with Gynecological Cancer

K. v. Greimer: Self-starvation: Illness, Therapy or Ecstasy?

E. H. Grotberg: The International Resilience Research Project

A. Guil, G. DeCicco: Resolving Collective Problems. An Example from China

M. Havelka: Patients Right to Information. The Challenge to Health Psychologist

D. L. Henderson: Living at Risk: An Exploration of an Individual’s Right to Refuse Treatment

D. Y. F. Ho: Relational Counseling: An Asian Perspective on Therapeutic Intervention

F. T. Ibrahimpasic: Delayed PTSD and Age

M. Ismail, C. Joseph: Self Development - A Continual Act of Coping

H. Janzen, J. Paterson, S. Carter: The Psychopathology of School Violence and Serious Learning Disruptive Behaviour (SLDB)

J. G. Johnson, J. G. Rabkin: Interpersonal and Global Functioning Associated with Psychiatric Disorder Among HIV+ and HIV- Men

C. B. Jorgenson, D. E. Jorgenson: Early Childhood Predictions and Assessment: Ten Years Later

H. Kao, Ch.-Ch. Chen, T.-M. Chang: The Effect of Calligraphy Tracing Practice on Charakter Recognition Reaction Time among Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

J.L. Khanna: Cultural Diversity Training - An Overview

M. Khanna, J. L.Khanna: International Conversation Hour on Psychology and Racism

M. Kirchen: Living with Occupational Repetitive Strain Injury: One Voice of Experience

W. J. Knox: Research with Groups over Age Sixty

D. Kobal-Palcic: Evaluation of Mental and Emotional Health Program for Adolescents in Slovenia Health Promoting Schools

C. Larose: Coping Processes and Pathways to Cultural Adjustment and Life Satisfaction

R. S. Lee: Recent Advances in Graphics for Data Visualisation, Analysis, and Presentation

L. F. Lowenstein: The Effect of Brain Damage

F. Marini, S. Carta, P. Fumai, A. Furia: Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacy. What Kind of a Choice?

J. Matic, L. Bamburac: The Postwar Period - Some Observations made in the Lipik Area during a Psychological Help Project from March to September 1996

M. G. McKee: Biofeedback Technology as a Universal Language to Implement the Human Right to Manage Stress

B. Mesarosova, E. Rosovka, M. Schraggeova: Monitoring of Psychological Consequences of Radical Environmental Interference from the Viewpoint of the Danubian Region

R. M. Milgram, E. Hong: Giftedness in Science and in the Arts: Two Sides of the Same Coin or Different Coins Altogether?

I. Mitrofan, N. Mitrofan: A Possible Diagnostic Model Regarding the Marital Compatibility

D. Mumel: "B" Strategy, or How to Obtain Funds for the Project: Understanding the Other Culture

L. Musun-Miller, B. Blevins-Knabe: Families and Mathematics: Why Might U.S. Children be Behind?

E. Nanistova, D. Podlucka: Establishment of Psycho-Social Criterion to Environmental Planning and Management: Past and Future

S. Neil: Symposium - Human Rights: The Individual, The Family, and The Nation

S. Noh, M. Beiser, F. Hou, V. Kaspar: Experiences of Racism Among Southeast Asian Refugees in Canada

A. M. O’Roark: Looking for Optimal Stress

P. Paine: Repercussions of the Psychosocial Work Environment on Cardiovascular Deaths in Brazil

J. Papházy: Effects of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders in the Child Upon the Family

K. Peltzer: Culturally Different Intervention Approaches for Victims of Organised Violence

N. Peseschkian, K. Tritt: Research about Effectiveness of Positive Psychotherapy in the Framework of Quality Assurance

N. P. Peters: Acculturation and Stress Among South African Indians

N. P. Peters: Intercultural Sensitivity and Ethnic Identity Among Students at Two South African Universities

T. Pukhova: Child Play with Sex Dolls

W. von Raffler-Engel: The Importance of the Synchronization of Body Rhythm during Inter-Cultural Communication: Suggestions for Field Training

P. J. Rajski: European Psychologist in Northern Alberta. In Search for Common Denominators

V. Rosova, E. Roskova, G. Bianchi: Risk Perception in Juveniles and Influences by Family

E. L. Samonte: Filipino Migrant Workers in Hong Kong: Inventory of Skills and Long-Term Plans

E. Sandis: Children in Armed Conflict

V. D. Sanua: Workshop: Should Psychologists prescribe Medication? That’s not the Question!

M. P. Satiadarma: Counseling, Relaxation, and Guided Imagery to Reduce Internal Fear

S. Schramme, B. Rüttinger: Psychological aspekts in the development of ecologically desirable products

H. Shibasaka, K. Kuramochi: How Japanese Kindergarten Children Recognize the Chararcteristic of their Classmate

T. Syszkowitz, R. Wintersberger: Is there a Global Culture (Workshop)

A. D. Thomas, F. Engelsmann: Object Assembly of the WAIS-R: The Challenge of Blank Puzzles

A.D. Thomas, J. Getz: Anorexic HTP: Blind Inferences

M. P. Wissing, C. van Eden: Facing the Challenge to Explicate Mental Health Salutogenically: Sense of Coherence and Psychological Well-Being


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