K. H. Reich, F. K. Oser, W. G. Scarlett (Eds.)
Psychological Studies on Spiritual and Religious

Being Human: The Case of Religion, Vol. 2

In these post-modern times, the concept of spiritual development has come to mean something different than religious development. And yet, these two concepts share a common history and, for many, remain forever linked. This second volume in the "Being Human: The Case of Religion" series provides both a theoretical and empirical base for understanding how spiritual and religious development from childhood to old age both define and create personal identity and pathways toward maturity.


K. H. Reich, F. K. Oser, W. G. Scarlett: Spiritual and Religious Development: Transcendence and Transformations of the Self

W. G. Scarlett: Spiritual Development: Lessons from Lincoln

P. M. Socha: The Existential Human Situation: Spirituality as the Way of Coping

R. M. Nye: Relational Consciousness and the Spiritual Lives of Children: Convergence with Children’s Theory of Mind?

W. Smoliak: What Children’s Narratives Tell Us about their Developing Thoughts of God

I. E. Josephs, J. Valsiner: Meaning-Making and Miracles: The Creative Inconsistency of the Mind

H. Beile: Religious Emotions and Religious Development

B. Rollett, A. Kager: Post-Modern Religiousness: A Prerogative of the "New Religions"? Religious Emotions and Religious Development. Findings of a Pilot Study

F. K. Oser, D. Schenker, M. Spychiger: Wisdom: An Action-Oriented Approach


1999, 184 pages, ISBN 3-933151-96-1, Price:15,- Euro


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