E. Klain (Ed.)
Psychiatry and Psychology in WartimeExperiences
in Croatia 1991/1992

The war against Croatia in 1991 found almost all public services and the whole of population unprepared. Health service, however, was not caught napping. The Central Medical Corps of the Republic of Croatia had secretly been preparing for the war. Still, as the importance of psychiatry and psychology is usually marginalized, they became part of the joint organized effort as late as summer 1991.

Department of Mental Health of the Central Medical Corps started work in July 1991. Prof. Dr. med. Eduard Klain, head of the department: "Looking back, it is hard to believe that we have managed to do so much, in such a short time, without any previous war experience or the knowledge about the function of psychiatry and mental health care in war. Our large group of physicians and psychologists, belonging to different schools, has achieved and retained a strong cohesion.

At the onset of our work we decided to keep records of all our activities, primarily in order to collect data for colleagues who wish to benefit from our experience. We wanted, which is characteristic for mankind, to leave a written sign of ourselves and our work."

The largest number of papers deal with soldiers, including wounded soldiers, psychotraumatized soldiers, and prisoners. Some of the experiences presented are different from the literature data. For example, in this war short hospital stays produced good results.


D. Ajdukovic: Psychic adaptation problems among displaced people

L. Moro, T. Franciskovic, D. Palle-Rotar, V. Vidovic: Prevention of severe psychical disorders in refugees

N. Milakovic-Versic: The interdependence of emotional reactions between displaced persons and specialists

L. Kondic, M. Mavar: Anxiety and depressive reactions in refugees

I. Diminic, T. Franciskovic, B. Delic, I. Serdarevic: Traumatization of group leaders in their work with refugees

A. Dordevic, S. Sternberg: Phases in the adaptation of displaced persons to exile noticed during group work

Z. Gruden: A child and a family in wartime

M. Ajdukovic, R. Miljevic, N. Pecnik: The influence of displaced on the relation of mothers to their children accommodated in host families

D. Kuzmic: Psychic reactions to war in children of soldiers and refugees

V. Jukic: The position of psychiatry and psychology in the 1991/1992 war in Croatia

Lj. Hotujac, D. Vukelja, M. Mahnik: Some social-demographic, psychopathologic and clinic characteristics of psychiatrically treated soldiers of the Croatian Army

J. Cop, J. Ivanovic, P. Matek: Psychic disorders in war casualties

M. Goreta: Psychic disturbances in Croatian Army soldieres hospitalized at the Psychiatric Hospital Vrace-Zagreb

P. Filakovic, J. Barkic, N. Mandic: Mental disorders in Croatian soldiers in outpatient treatment at East-Slavonian battlefield

I. Pozgain, P. Filakovic, V. Perekovic: Posttraumatic stress disorder in Croatian soldiers at east Slavonian front

M. Merkas, I. Kovac, V. Mlakar, D. Topolko: Experiences with wounded soldiers under teatment in a rehabilitation center

O. Koic, M. Dellale-Zebic, D. Bosnic: Psychic disorders among Croatian soldiers from the east Slavonian front hospitalised in the Psychiatric Clinic Osijek

G. Bertovic, G. Varenina, T. Franciskovic, L. Moro: Evaluation of short-term group psychotherapeutic treatment of soldiers suffering from psychical traumas

R. Stipec, T. Franciskovic: Organization of field psychiatric service - Rijeka experience

T. Franciskovic, L. Moro, D. Palle-Rotar: Preparatory psychological programme for Croatian Army officers serving in the Rijeka region

D. De Zan: Mental disorders in war prisoners from the Manjaca Camp

Z. Vuksic-Mihaljevic, J. Barkic, S. Mihaljevic, N. Mandic, P. Filakovic, D. Bosnic, L. Mihaljevic: A group of war prisoners from the Slavonia region

V. Kutlesa: Chronic psychiatric patients in wartime

I. Kerepcic, J. Vuletin, V. Muacevic, J. Matic, M. Kajevic, K. Madic: Experience of war in chronic schizophrenic patients living in war operation areas and out of them

S. Sirovica: Sibenik Hospital - psychiatric ward for women during the first six war months

E. Zampera, L. Kondic, M. Mavar: Affective reactions of patients and personnel during air-raid alerts in the Ugljan Psychiatric Hospital

B. Restek-Petrovic, N. Oreskovic-Krezler, E. Cividini-Stranic: The influence of war on the contents and processes in group psychotherapy of psychotic patients

V. Gruden: Greatnational madness - syndrome or disease

N. Silic: Prevention of psychic disturbances in war

B. Stumfol: SOS telephone as an anticrisis service in war conditions in Osijek

N. Esapovic-Gres: War gain


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