J. Hoffmann, A. Sebald (Eds.)
Cognitive Psychology in Europe

This book comprises the material of the Ninth Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology which was held at the University of Würzburg in September 1996. The material is presented in accordance with the thematic structure of the Conference which has been shaped by the international programme committee:

  • Thinking with and without images: Imageless thoughts or thoughtless images?

  • Judgement, reasoning and decision making

  • Memory for sensory features and its implications for models of explicit and implicit remembering

  • The central executive: The ghost in the machine or the machine in man?

  • Cognition and intention

  • Word processing

  • Visual attention

  • Performance and control

  • Sentence processing

  • Text processing

  • Perception

  • Knowing and consciousness

  • Perception-action compatibility

  • Semantic priming

  • Skill and serial learning

  • Memory performance

  • Language production

  • Reasoning and decision making

  • Elementary cognitive functions

  • Picture naming

  • Neurological correlates

  • Priming

  • Working memory and dual task

  • Memory

  • Language processing

  • "Higher" cognitive functions


1996, 176 pages, ISBN 3-931660-34-6, Price:15,- Euro

Pabst Science Publishers
Eichengrund 28
D-49525 Lengerich

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