Hubert Feger, Michelle Brehm
New Developments in Feature Pattern Analysis



  • M. Brehm, H. Feger:
    Preface and Introduction

  • H. Feger, K. C. Klauer:
    Essentials of Feature Pattern Analysis

  • M. Brehm:
    The representation of FPA-solutions as pseudoline-arrangements
    Mathematical basis of the Feature Pattern Analysis (FPA)-Part I

  • M. Brehm:
    Existence and construction of FPA-solutions
    Mathematical basis of the Feature Pattern Analysis (FPA) Part II

  • U. v. Hecker:
    Deriving prediction rules from co-occurrence data: A method based on Boolean algebra

  • U. Czienskowski, C. Bässler:
    Feature Pattern Analysis: A computer program

  • C. Bässler:
    Approximate solutions in FPA: Expected error limits and goodness of fit from random data

  • H. Feger:
    Some applications of FPA in the social and behavioral sciences

  • W. Bürklin, H. Feger:
    Participation of members in activities of political parties: A one- and two-dimensional scalogram analysis

  • M. Grosse-Holtforth:
    Multidimensional Scalogram Analysis of the Gießen-Test (GT)

  • T. Reimer, A. E. Auhagen:
    Identifying Boolean Networks in Multivariate Time Series: The prediction of contact behavior in friendship dyads

  • M. Brehm, H. Feger:
    Feature Pattern Analysis in the context of other models and methods

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