Erdmute Sommerfeld, Raul Kompass, and Thomas Lachmann (Eds.)

2001, 720 pages, 
ISBN 3-936142-12-2, 
Price:  45,- Euro

Kinetic energy and thus the energy just effective in a system at a given moment can be conceived of as the sum of all the increments that have occurred starting from its zero value. Every increase occurring is in proportion to the kinetic energy just available, and we presuppose that the soul senses this relative increment (for every particle, summing up all increments and, in turn, summing up the increments over time to this sum) in such a way that at any given moment the state of the soul takes also account of the sum of all increments that have accrued to the zero value, rather than of just the one single increment effective at the moment. This is, first, because the single increment would be an infinitely small value and, second, because we know that the earlier state of the soul feeds into the later state in only a slightly modified form.

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