Andrzej Eliasz, Alois Angleitner (Eds.)
Advances in Research on Temperament

2001, 208 pages, ISBN 3-936142-07-6,
Price: 25,- Euro

Part I: Description and Explanation in Research on Temperament

  • R. M. Stelmack: Reflections on the Contribution of Jan Strelau to Research on Temperament

  • A. Eliasz, T. Klonowicz: Top-down and Bottom-up Approaches to Personality and their Application to Temperament

Part II: Biological and Environmental Roots of Temperament

  • M. Zuckerman: Adult Temperament and its Biological Basis

  • A. Angleitner, R. Riemann, F. M. Spinath, P. Borkenau: Genetic and Environmental Influences on Pavlovian Oriented Temperamental Traits Measured by Laboratory Methods, Self-reports, and Peer Reports

Part III: Temperament, Intelligence, and Learning

  • R. Plomin: CNS "Temperamental" Functioning and "G"

  • E. N ècka: An Individual against Novelty: The Role of Intelligence and Temperament in Adaptation to Inconsistent and Unpredictable Situations

  • A. D. Pickering, J. A. Gray: Dopamine, Appetitive Reinforcement, and the Neuropsychology of Human Learning: An Individual Differences Approach

Part IV: Temperament from Infancy through Adolescence to Adulthood

  • A. Thomas, S. Chess: The New York Longitudinal Study of Temperament: Origin, Theory and Clinical Application

  • S. P. Putnam, L. K. Ellis, M. K. Rothbart: The Structure of Temperament

Part V: Emotionality

  • J. Brebner: Emotions and Life-satisfaction in Three Groups of Nations

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