S. Stumpf, A. Thomas (Eds.)
Diversity and Group Effectiveness

2000, 204 Seiten, 
ISBN 3-934252-31-3,
Price: 15,- Euro

  • Siegfried Stumpf & Alexander Thomas: Editors’ Preface: Some Introducing Remarks

Conceptual and Theoretical Approaches Concerning Diversity and Group Effectiveness

  • Alexander Thomas: Group Effectiveness: A Balance between Heterogeneity and Homogeneity

  • Yoshihisa Kashima: Culture, Groups, and Coordination Problems

  • John G. Oetzel: Developing a Theoretical Model of Intercultural Small Groups: Understanding the Effects of Culture and Cultural Diversity on Work Group Processes and Outcomes

  • Siegfried Stumpf: Diversity and Synergy: An Analysis of the Synergy-Concept

Empirical Studies on Various Diversity Factors in Groups

  • Dieter Beck, Rudolf Fisch & Wolfgang Bergander: Functional Roles in Work Groups - An Empirical Approach to the Study of Group Role Diversity

  • Erich H. Witte & Frank von Pablocki: Differences in Styles of Behavior: State- and Action-Orientation in Problem-Solving Dyads

  • Guido Hertel, Norbert L. Kerr & Lawrence A. Messé: Revisiting the Köhler Effect: Does Diversity Enhance Motivation and Performance in Groups?

  • Petra Badke-Schaub: Group Effectiveness in Design Practice: Analysis and Training by a Critical-Situation-Approach

Empirical Studies on Pluricultural Groups 

  • Peter B. Smith: Predicting Process Difficulties in Multicultural Teams

  • Hora W. Tjitra: Cultural Specific Problem Solving and Communication Styles: The Strength and the Problem Areas of German-Indonesian Groups

  • Ulrich Zeutschel: Potentials and Pitfalls of German/U.S.-American Cooperation in Workgroups


  • Siegfried Stumpf & Alexander Thomas: How to Cope with the Diversity of Diversity Research on Group Effectiveness: Some Outlines for Future Empirical Research, Theory Building and Practical Applications

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