A. L. Comunian, U. P. Gielen (Eds.)
International Perspectives on Human Development

2000, 692 Seiten, 
ISBN 3-934252- 87-7,
Price:  40,- Euro
  • G. Jahoda: On the Prehistory of Cross-cultural Development Research

  • J. D. Hogan, B. D. Sussner: European Influences on U.S. Developmental Psychology:  A Historical Perspective

  • D. L. Best: Recent Trends in Cross-cultural Studies of Human Development: The Role of Current Research Traditions

  • G. A. De Vos: Toward an Integrated Social Science 

  • H. C. Triandis: Cross-cultural versus Cultural Psychology: A Synthesis?

  • Ç. Kagitçibasi: Cultural Contextualism Without Complete Relativism in the Study of Human Development 

  • H. Keller: Evolutionary Approaches to the Life Cycle 

  • D. G. Freedman, V. Olafsdottir, Y. Guoan, L. Park, J. Gorman: The Internal Working Model in Biological and Cross-cultural Perspective 

  • A. Della Fave, F. Massimini: Subjective Experience and the Building of Parental Roles in a Biocultural Perspective 

  • E. S. De Vos: Biocultural and Experiential Bases of Cultural Continuity and Change 

  • D. Sharma: Children's Sociocultural and Familial Worlds: Pathways and Risks Through the Demographic Transition 

  • D. E. Cournoyer: Universalist Research: Examples Drawn from the Methods and Findings of Parental Acceptance/Rejection Theory 

  • R. H. Dana: Multicultural Assessment of Child and Adolescent Personality and Psychopathology 

  • E. Halpern: Cross-cultural Methodological Issues in Developmental Research 

  • A. Sterling Honig: Cross-cultural Study of Infants and Toddlers 

  • J. L. Roopnarine, M. A. Clawson, S. Benetti, T. Y. Lewis: Family Structure, Parent-Child Socialization, and Involvement among Caribbean Families 

  • X. Chen: Growing Up in a Collectivistic Culture: Socialization and Socioemotional Development in Chinese Children 

  • G. Domino: Social Values: A Comparison of Chinese and American Children 

  • E. H. Grotberg: The International Resilience Research Project 

  • J. L. Gibbons: Personal and Social Development of Adolescents: Integrating Findings from Preindustrial and Modern Industrialized Societies 

  • T. S. Saraswathi: Adult-child Continuity in India: Is Adolescence a Myth or an Emerging Reality? 

  • P. R. Portes, R. Dunham, K. Del Castillo: Identity Formation and Status Across Cultures: Exploring the Cultural Validity of Eriksonian Theory 

  • G. Lind: Are Helpers Always Moral? Empirical Findings from a Longitudinal Study of Medical Students in Germany

  • U. P. Gielen, E. S. C. Y. Miao: Perceived Parental Behavior and the Development of Moral Reasoning in Students from Taiwan

  • A. J. Reiman: Promoting Reflective Practice within a Cognitive- structural Framework: Theory, Research, and Practice

  • S. Nodie Oja: The Unique Place of Roletaking and Reflection in Collaborative Action Research 

  • S. DeAngelis Peace: Roletaking and Reflection: Promoting the Development of School Counselors, Psychologists, and Social Workers as Supervisors 

  • U. Lehr, E. Seiler, H. Thomae: Aging in a Cross-cultural Perspective 

  • E. Sandis: The Aging and their Families: A Cross-national Review 

  • M. B. Nadien: Gender, Health, and Behavior among Aging North Americans 

  • G. Amoretti: The Assessment of Cognitive Abilities in Old Age: Construction of a Battery of Tests, Normative Data, and Results in Normal and Pathological Italian Respondents 

  • L. Loeb Adler, S. P. Clark, F. L. Denmark, R. A. Ahmed, T. Kim, S. S. de Silva, S. Salbod: A Cross-cultural Investigation Comparing Attitudes Toward Living and Dying

  • P. Laungani: The End of Life in Cross-cultural Perspective 

  • M. H. Segall: Epilogue

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