Marianne Schmid Mast
Gender Differences in Dominance Hierarchies

Men are said to organize themselves readily in hierarchies. But what about women? Do women build rank orders to the same extent as men or are women’s groups structured in a more egalitarian way? In the present book, evidence from different disciplines pertaining to the topic are collected, existing theoretical models describing female rank orders are contrasted, and an empirical investigation with respect to rank structures in women and men is presented. 14 all-female and 14 all-male groups met three times in the same groups. By means of behavioral observation of different variables the degree of hierarchical structuring was determined for each group at different points in time. Results are discussed on the basis of the existing theoretical background and revealed that women built hierarchical structures comparable to men, however, in a later phase of the interaction. At the beginning of the interaction, all-men groups were more hierarchically structured than all-female groups. The presented study makes a contribution to the understanding of rank orders in all-female groups under a longitudinal perspective and in comparison to men.

2000, ISBN 3-934252-62-1,  Preis:15,- Euro

Pabst Science Publishers
Eichengrund 28
D-49525 Lengerich

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