H. D. Zimmer, J. Engelkamp (Eds.)
Memory and Processing of Visual and
Spatial Information

In imagery research one can observe a shift away from questions on the representation of visual information towards questions on the processing of visual information. The construct of a visuo-spatial working memory attracts a lot of attention. A further aspect closely related to the visual working memory is the strong interest in spatial information processing. Relevant seems the research how the visual working memory is related to imagery and spatial processing. Is the visual working memory the work place of imagery?


H. D. Zimmer, J. Engelkamp: Memory and processing of visual and spatial information: topics and trends - A note from the editors

M. J. Intons-Peterson: Linguistic effects in a visual manipulation task

S. Werner: What images are not: Some limitations of visual mental images

S. Fischer, H. Hagendorf, B. Sá: Visual working memory and mental transformations

J. Engelkamp, G. Mohr: Memory for ordinal size information

D. G. Pearson, R. H. Logie, C. Green: Mental manipulation, visual working memory, and executive processes

J. McConnell, J. G. Quinn: Interference at the encoding and maintenance of visual information

J. G. Quinn, J. McConnell: Indications of the functional distinction between the components of visual working memory

R. Schumann-Hengsteler: Visuo-spatial memory in children: Which memory codes are used in the concentration game?

A. Postma: Reconstructing object locations in a 7 x 7 matrix

T. Helstrup: Recall of spatial movement patterns as a function of context and encoding

H. D. Zimmer: Memory for spatial location and enactment

M. May: Cognitive and embodied modes of spatial imagery

M. J. Rodrigo, M. De Vega: Children's pointing to objects in memory-based egocentric layouts

A. Bosco, S. Filomena, L. Sardone, T. G. Scalisi, A. M. Longoni: Spatial models derived from verbal descriptions of fictitious environments: The influence of study time and the individual differences in visuo spatial ability

M. Denis: Strategies for the description of spatial networks: Extending Levelt's paradigm to new situational contexts

C. Cornoldi, R. De Beni, F. Giusberti: Meta-imagery: conceptualization of mental imagery and its relationship with cognitive behavior

W. Wippich, S. Mecklenbräuker: Visual image generation and repetition priming in young and older adults


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