M. Schreiber, J. Vogt, F. Greiner (Eds.)
Motor Behavior, Mental Abilities, Emotion and

K. W. Lange: Cognitive and Motor Alterations in Old Age

L. A. Brown, M. H. Woollacott: The Effects of Aging on the Control of Posture and Locomotion in Healthy Older Adults: An Emphasis on Cognition

I. Keller: The Influence of Brain Damage and Age on Different Aspects of Attention

R. Ihl: Psychometric Tests in Dementia of the Alzheimer Type (DAT)

W. W. Beatty, F. Greiner: Preserved Musical and Game-Playing Skills in Dementia

M. Schreiber, K. Lutz, A. Schweizer, K. Th. Kalveram, L. Jäncke: Development and Evaluation of an Interactive Computer-Based Training as a Rehabilitation Tool for Dementia

A. Schweizer, E. Lehmann, M. Schreiber, J. Heddergott, J. Groth: Cognitive Ability and Self-Evaluated Symptoms of Aging - A Seven Year Follow-Up Study with Elderly Subjects

M. Hüppe, W. Janke: Emotional Reactivity in the Elderly: Some Basic Problems and Results


1998, 136 pages, ISBN 3-933151-34-1, Price:15,- Euro


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