W. Battmann, St. Dutke (Eds.)
Processes of the Molar Regulation of Behavior

Contemporary research in experimental and general psychology either tends to "micro-deterministic" models focusing on isolated molecular phenomena or emphasizes global conceptions lacking empirical corroboration. This edition presents a series of articles trying to join the advantages of both approaches: They analyze the emergence of molar structures of human behavior on the basis of general psychological theories of emotion, memory, and action, which are strong in their domain with regard to their empirical evaluation, but, in addition, have high explanatory potential beyond it. Part I addresses memory and representation, Part II emotion, action, and thinking, and Part III focuses on resources and coping with stress. The fourth part discusses methodological aspects and examples of contemporary history of psychology related to the molar regulation of behavior. The chapters take a programmatic and integrative perspective in explaining emergence, structure, and functioning of molar behavior against the background of reliable domain-specific theories and, hence, bridge a gap in contemporary psychology.


W. Kintsch: Mental Representations in Cognitive Science

St. Dutke: Generic and Generative Knowledge: Memory Schemata in the Construction of Mental Models

H. Feger: Positions of Objects in Space: Their Definition and their Effects on Experience and Behaviour

K. B. Esser: What can I do to Remember? Outlines of a General Model for Preparing Future Retrieval

M. W. Eysenck: Anxiety, Processing Efficiency Theory, and Performance

J. Stöber: Anxiety and the Regulation of Complex Problem Situations: Playing it Safe?

J. H. Otto: Changes in Feeling States Induced by Styles of Cognitive Processing: On the Molar Interaction of Feeling and Thinking

S. Fisher: Stress, Emotional Action, and Control

R. Reisenzein: Emotional Action Generation

R. Wieland-Eckelman: A Cognitive-Actional Model of Self-Regulation and Coping

J. Monnier, S. E. Hobfoll, B. K. Stone: Coping, Resources, and Social Context

J. Strelau: Temperament as a Moderator of Coping with Stress

F. R. H. Zijlstra: Effort as Energy Regulation

P. Schulz: The Subjective Experience of Resource Mobilization

W. Battmann: Resources, Stability, and the Pursuit of Happiness

G. R. J. Hockey: Energetical-Control Processes in the Regulation of Human performance

L. Sprung, H. Sprung: Foundations of the History of Methodology and of a System of Methodology of Modern Psychology

H. Westmeyer: The Constructionist Approach to Psychological Assessment: Problems and Prospects

H. Sprung, L. Sprung: Carl Stumpf (1848-1936), a General Psychologist and Methodologist, and a Case Study of a Cross-Cultural Scientific Transition Process


1996, 360 pages, ISBN 3-931660-11-7, Price:25,- Euro
Pabst Science Publishers, Lengerich

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