Ulrich Teichler, Gisela Trommsdorff (Eds.)
Challenges of the 21st Century in Japan and Germany

2002, 260 pages, 
ISBN 3-936142-70-X,
Price: 30,- Euro


At the beginning of the 21st century, both Japan and Germany are challenged to cope with substantial changes without any hope the rapid economic growth might alleviate the necessary transformations. Japan, often viewed as being exceptional among industrialized countriesnot only in cultural traditions but also in modern economic policies, experiences debates on major issues which are surprisingly similar to those in Germany: Rapidly growing relevance of new technologies in all spheres of life, moves towards a knowledge society, growing ecological problems, ageing population, and unpredictable dynamics of globalization.
In this volume, experts from Japan, Germany, and other countries, experienced in international comparisons, address actual changes in the Japanese society, often in comparison to changes in Germany and in other parts of the world. Sociological, psychological, economic, and other disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives shed light on

  • the welfare state transition

  • higher education and its links to employment

  • childhood, family, and life-path

  • city and environment

  • history, politics, and economy.

Some authors point out the role of certain values and socio-political approaches in Japan at a time when the continuity of the economic and social life is more strongly challenged than ever before during the last five decades. Others suggest that pressure for global convergence have dramatic effects in Japan, Germany, and other countries. Finally, some contributors point out that Japan and Germany have some elements in common, related to the same kind of problems and similar ways of coping amidst troubling changes and uncertain opportunities for a bright future.
Interested audience: For students and teachers in social sciences (including Sociology, Psychology, Political Sciences, Economy, Education, Japanese Sciences).

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