W. Klonowski (Ed.)
From Quanta to Societies

2002, 432 pages, 
ISBN 3-936142-66-1 (Europe), 
ISBN 1-59326-000-8 (USA), 
Preis: 56,- Euro / US$

Nonlinear Dynamics (NLD) supplies researchers from different disciplines - from Physics to Economy and Social Sciences – with a common language. Our grandmothers did not know NLD, despite the fact that foundations of the contemporary NLD was developed by Henri Poincaré more than a century ago. But we all have needed the common language of NLD to communicate between specialists in different fields, to learn from each other.

EUROATTRACTOR2001 gave an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the advanced training offered by the leading scientists and enabled cross-fertilization between different disciplines where the methods of Nonlinear Dynamics are successfully applied. For example, Prof. W.Weidlich demonstrated how Sociodynamics develops a systematic approach to mathematical models for a broad class of collective dynamic social processes, using universally applicable mathematical methods and combining them with concepts from Social Sciences. The modelling strategy takes into account the interdependence between the microlevel of individual decisions and actions driven by motivations, and the macrolevel of evolution of material and mental macrostructures within society. Its main purpose consists in the derivation of equations of evolution for macrovariables or "order parameters" of the social system.

Not only sociologists and economists can learn from physicists, but also vice versa. For example, Prof. M.Ausloos demonstrated "how Finance can contribute to Physics", namely that so called moving averages that have been used for a long time in empirical finances for stock prices series do present a practical interest for physicists.

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