R. Roth, F. Farley (Eds.)
The Spiritual Side of Psychology at Century’s End

2002, ISBN 3-935357-89-3,
 Preis: 25,- Euro

Salem, most widely known as the site of the witchcraft trials of 1692, was a good place having there the 57th Annual convention of ICP discussing the theme "The Spiritual Side of Psychology at Century’s End" in August 15-19, 1999.

At century’s end mankind look for signs and portents, warnings and revelations, truth is combined with fantasy, facts with fictions, hope with fear. This issue of the annual convention proceedings of ICP gives an idea how psychology and psychotherapy deal in an responsible manner with a broad range of aims and problems. The contributions are characterized by a broad-minded international and cross-cultural spectrum of expertise ranging from more theoretical and methodological and value issues to psychological measurements and applied areas.


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