R. Roth, L. Lowenstein, D. Trent (Eds.)
Catching the Future: Women and Men in Global Psychology

2004, 264 pages, 
ISBN 3-89967-106-6, 
Price: 20,- Euro

  • M.K. Gershenfeld: A Society for All Ages

  • E. Halpern: History of ICP – A Historic Perspective of the "Spirit" of ICP

  • D. Albert: Keynote – E-Learning Future - the Contribution of Psychology

  • A. Alao: Improving Career Services in Botswana Through Career Resource Centres

  • A. Aziz: Machiavellianism and Sales Performance of Automobile Salespersons

  • M.C. Barreda-Hanson : Group Therapy for Depressed Women and What They have Taught Us

  • C. Cheng: Discriminative Facility: Cognitive Mechanisms of Coping

  • A.L. Comunian: The Role of Coping Style and Medical Rehabilitation Strategic Approach to Coping: An Italian Study

  • A. Delle Fave, M. Lombardi, F. Massimini: Disability and Development: Individual and Cultural Issues

  • F. Denmark: Second Time Around: Grandparents Caring for Children of Parents with HIV/AIDS

  • A. Guil Bozal: Glass Ceiling in the University

  • B. Harju, K. Valz: International and American Students Health Behaviors in College

  • L. Lowenstein: The Psychology of Terrorism: Causes and Remedies

  • S. McCarthy, T. F. Waters, A. Little: Psychologists in Partnership With Criminal Justice in American Public Schools: A Match Made in Heaven of a Marriage from Hell?

  • A. Meneghini: Virtual Reality in Physical Rehabilitation

  • C.A. Rayburn, L.J. Richmond: The State-Trait Morality Inventory (STMI): The Case of Situational Ethics

  • C.A. Rayburn, S.L. Osman: Sports, Leadership, and Morality in Women

  • H.H. Spangenberg, C.C. Theron: Performance Management- The Way Forward

  • A.D. Thomas, J. Getz: Individual Progress in Group Anxiety Therapy Reflected on Drawings

  • D.A. Weber: Attachment Styles in Sexually Abused and Traumatized Males

Invited Symposium of ICP
at the XXVII International Congress of Psychology, Stockholm, Sweden, 23 - 28 July 2000

  • S.E.S. Neil, Chairperson and Discussant: Retaining Vital Involvement in the Life Cycle: Ethical and Cultural Contrasts about Ageing and Death

  • F. Denmark: The Older Woman: Myths and Realities About Ageing and Death

  • M. Fukuhara: Quality of Life for the Elderly (Aged) in the Japanese Culture - From the Viewpoint of Retaining Vital Involvement

  • M.K. Gershenfeld: Self-Help Groups: Coping with Life’s Difficult Times, But Not Alone

  • J. Khanna: Cultural Contrasts in Views about Ageing and Death Between East and West

  • S.E.S. Neil: Discussion

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