W. Klonowski (Ed.)
Simplicity behind Complexity

Proceedings of the 3rd European Interdisciplinary School on Nonlinear Dynamics for System and Signal Analysis

Warsaw, June 18 to June 27, 2002

2004, 492 pages,
ISBN 3-89967-070-1 (Europe), 
ISBN 1-59326-065-2 (USA), 
Price: 50,- Euro


Lectures by Keynote Speakers

  • J.-P. Eckmann, E. Järvenpää, M. Järvenpää, I. Procaccia: On the Fractal Dimension of the Visible Universe

  • C. Blomberg: Aspects of Fluctuations in Non-linear Biological Systems – Motion in Bistable Potentials and Selection Equations

  • L. Glass: Simple Mathematical Models for Complicated Biological Systems

  • A. Goldbeter, D. Gonze, G. Houart, J. C. Leloup, J. Halloy, G. Dupont: Periodic Oscillations and Chaos in Cellular Regulatory Networks

  • M. Hauhs, H. Lange: Modeling the Complexity of Environmental and Ecological Systems

  • E. Mosekilde, O.V. Sosnovtseva, N.-H. Holstein-Rathlou: Collective Phenomena in Kidney Autoregulation

  • J. Rouchier: Multi-agent Systems for the Study of Social Complex Systems (A Way to Represent Social Complexity – Examples and Validation)

Special Lectures  -  Flights and Signals

  • A. V. Chechkin, V. Yu. Gonchar: Stochastic Systems Driven by Lévy Noises: Relaxation and Equilibrium

  • P. Seba: Random Matrix Analysis of Human EEG Data

I. Chaotic Systems – Noise and Time Delay

  • E.A.Bartnik: Introduction: Noise in Chaotic Systems – Application of Path Integrals

  • G. Propst, A. Borzì: Numerical Investigation of Periodically Excited Valveless Pumping

  • N. Baba, A. Amann, E. Schoell, W. Just: Giant Improvement of Time-delayed Feedback Control by Spatio-temporal Filtering

  • M. Säkki, J. Kalda, M. Vainu, M. Laan: On the Zipf's Law in Human Heartbeat Dynamics

  • J. Miskiewicz:  The Analysis of the Survival Probability on an Isolated Stock Market

  • K. Grudzinski: On Modelling Cardiac Electrical Activity – A Personal Overview

II. Maps and Networks

  • K. Zyczkowski, A. Lozinski: Introduction: Euroattractor: A Brief Introduction to Iterated Function Systems

  • M. Nicoli, M. Cardelli, A. Bazzani, M. Bonafe, C. Franceschi: Computational and Statistical Methods for Inter-Alu Distribution Analysis in Human Genomes

  • P. Arena, C. Bonomo, L. Fortuna, M. Frasca: CNN as Locomotion Pattern Generator for a Worm-like Robot

  • A. Pchelkin, A. Borisov: Kohonen's Neural Network Adaptation for Selection of Useful Features

  • A. Zorin: Modelling Nonlinear Time Series Using Neural Networks

  • A. S. Dmitriev,  M. Hasler, G. A. Kassian, A. D. Khilinsky: Emerging Information Properties of Chaotic Synchronization of 2D-Maps

III. From Quanta to Forests

  • M. Kus: Introduction: Quantum Chaos – An Introduction

  • L. Cwiklik, B. Jagoda-Cwiklik, M. Frankowicz: Distribution Geometry of Active Centers and Efficiency of Heterogeneous Reaction

  • G. M. Maggio, O. Colavin, E. Lusinchi: CPU Nonlinear Time Series Analysis and Applications

  • K. V. Chukbar, V. Yu. Zaburdaev: Enhanced Superdiffusion and Finite Velocity of Lévy Flights

  • N. Korabel, R. Klages: Deterministic Diffusion in Smooth Nonlinear Maps

  • V. Daniulaitis: Simulation of Small Wavelength Wave Propagation in Solids

  • K. Malarz, S. Kaczanowska, K. Kulakowski: Chaotic Dynamics of Forest Fires

IV. Chaotic Signal Processing

  • M. J. Ogorzalek: Introduction: Using Nonlinear Dynamics in Signal Processing

  • R. G. Andrzejak, T. Kreuz, F. Mormann, K. Lehnertz, C. E. Elger: Surrogate Time Series Improve the Capability of Nonlinear Measures to Characterize the Epileptic Process

  • J. Virkkala, A. Värri, S.-L. Himanen, J. Hasan: Fractal Dimension of EEG in Sleep Onset

  • E. Cosquer: Analysis of Methods for Chaotic Signal Estimation

  • M. Sozanski, J. Zebrowski, R. Baranowski: DFA Application to Chaotic and Physiological Signals

  • P. Kuklik, J. J. Zebrowski: Locating Ectopic Foci – A Simulation

  • J. Kozlowski, Z. Pietrzykowski, R. Leszczynski, J. Pitann: Classification of Low and High Risk for Sudden Cardiac Death Using Neural Network

  • V. Veliks, E. Ceihnere, I. Svikis, J. Aivars: Influence of Static Magnetic Field on the Rat Heart Rhythm

V. Description of Chaotic Systems

  • L. A. Turski: Introduction: Algebraic Description of Dissipative Systems – Dirac Constraints in Action

  • D. Y. Markanova: Iterative Method of a Solution of the Operator Equations with a Perturbation

  • G. Currenti, C. Del Negro, L. Fortuna: A Nonlinear Dynamical Model of Geomagnetic Activity: Preliminary Results

  • R. Grekov, A. Borisov: Efficiency Evaluation of Fuzzy Cora Algorithm with Application of Cross-Validation

  • M. Ederer, E. Bullinger, T. Sauter: Structuring of the Cellular Metabolism into Functional Units with Mathematical Methods

  • M. Leda, A. L. Kawczynski: Variety of Running Fronts in One-variable Reaction-Diffusion Systems

Closing Lecture

  • W. Klonowski: Nonlinear Dynamics in Psychophysiology - Feelings and Thoughts

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