K. Conrad, E. K. L. Chan, M. J. Fritzler, R.L. Humbel, P. L. Meroni, Y. Shoenfeld (Eds.)

From Prediction to Prevention of Autoimmune Diseases
Report on the 10th Dresden Symposium on Autoantibodies
held in Dresden on September 22–25, 2011

2011, 750 pages,
ISBN 978-3-89967-735-5,
Price: 40,- Euro

The goal of prediction of autoimmune diseases is prevention and/or early intervention to avert morbidity and mortality. In most diseases with an autoimmune pathology, a long prodrome is associated with the production of disease specific autoantibodies and may provide a window of opportunity to reverse the autoimmune process. However, large prospective studies are necessery to evaluate the risk of disease development in autoantibody positive persons. In type 1 diabetes, autoantibody assays make it possible to accurately identify people at risk of future disease. A similar development can be promised for rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore, both diseases may serve as models for prevention and novel treatment strategies. A prerequisite for prevention and curative therapy is the very early or even predictive diagnosis employing by biomarker analyses. The improvement, optimization and standardization of autoantibody determinations combined with evaluation studies play an important role in this process. This current volume will focus on different aspects of the pathogenesis, the prediction, novel treatment regimes and prevention of systemic and organ specific autoimmune diseases as well as autoimmune graft rejections. Rare autoimmunopathies such as autoimmune forms of thrombotic microangiopathies, nephropathies, myopathies and cardiomyopathies are also included.


Chapter 1: From Prediction to Prevention of Autoimmune Diseases

Karsten Conrad: From prediction to prevention of autoimmune diseases – Role of autoantibodies

Alessandra Dellavance, Henrique A. Mariz, Silvia Helena Barbosa, Eduardo L. R. Cancado, Emilia I. Sato, Luis Eduardo C. Andrade: Distinctive features of autoantibodies in and out the context of overt autoimmunity

Sergey Suchkov, Aleksander Gabibov, Mihail Paltsev: Antibody proteases as preclinical diagnostic and predictive tools in multistep monitoring clinical autoimmunity conditions

Yoav Aronson, Yehuda Shoenfeld, Nancy Agmon-Levin, Howard Amital: The role of Vitamin D in immunologic homeostasis and prevention of disease

Edward K. L. Chan, Angela Ceribelli, Md A. Nahid: The role of miRNAs in the regulation of immunological functions and the prevention of autoimmunity

Yehuda Shoenfeld, Nancy Agmon-Levin: ASIA –AutoimmuneSyndromeInducedbyAdjuvants –confirmations,experimental data and mechanisms

S. Sipka, R. Laczik, I. Csipo, P. Szodoray, S. jr. Sipka, M. Szokol, P. Soltesz: Prognostic value of antibodies to oxydized low-density lipoprotein in acute coronary syndrome and stable coronary artery disease

S. Valaperta, M. Monari, C. Alpini, E. Baldassarre, F. Gioia, A. Montanelli: Long Pentraxin PTX3 and autoantibodies production in autoimmune diseases

Florence Lefeu, Fabienne Fasani, Chantal Jouanneau, Pierre Ronco, Hanna Debiec: Autoantibodies against chaperonin CCT in glomerular immune deposits and sera in patients with membranous nephropathy: possible role in disease progression

W.C. Carcamo, A. Ceribelli, G. Covini, C.A. von Mühlen, C. Liu, M. Satoh, E.K.L. Chan: Autoantibodies to cytoplasmic rod/ring structure targeting CTP/GTP synthetic pathway in HCV patients treated with interferon/ribavirin

1.1 Diabetes Mellitus Type 1

Matthias von Herrath, Ghanashyam Sarikonda: Type 1 diabetes – a model for disease prediction and prevention

Mara Catani, Denise Walther, Stephanie Krause, Michael Christie, Vito Lampasona, Ezio Bonifacio, Anne Eugster: Patient derived human monoclonal islet autoantibodies in Type 1 Diabetes

Jan Martinek, Ivo Lochman, Alexandra Lochmanova: Sunset of routine diagnostics of ICA?

1.2 Rheumatoid Arthritis

Karin Lundberg: From prediction to prevention of rheumatoid arthritis

Marvin J. Fritzler: Personalized medicine approaches in rheumatoid arthritis and other systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases

Manfred Herold: Value of the ACR Guidelines for the diagnosis of RA

Günter Steiner, Karl Skriner, Elisabeth Höfler, Christian Löbke, Klaus P. Machold, Josef Smolen: Anti-RA33 – New data on a marker linked to ACPA-negative rheumatoid arthritis with a mild prognosis

J. Shi, R. Knevel, P. Suwannalai, M.P. van der Linden, G.M.C. Janssen, P. van Veelen, E.W. Levarht, A.H.van der Helm-van Mil,A.Cerami,T.W.J.Huizinga, R.E.Toes, L.A.Trouw: Auto-antibodies recognizing carbamylated proteins are frequently present in sera of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and predict radiological joint damage

Klaartje Somers, Piet Geusens, Dirk Elewaut, Filip De Keyser, Jean-Luc Rummens, Marieke Coenen, Marlies Blom, Piet Stinissen and Veerle Somers: Novel autoantibody markers for early and seronegative rheumatoid arthritis

Liesbeth De Winter, Klaartje Somers, Piet Geusens, Dirk Elewaut, Piet Stinissen, Veerle Somers: Development and optimization of a sensitive peptide ELISA for autoantibody testing in early and seronegative RA

T. Castagno, M. Nastro, C. Nastro, I. Soriente, P. Amato, P. Sabatini: Early arthritis and biomarkers: a proposal of diagnostic profile gender oriented

Joyce J.B.C.van Beers, AnnemiekWillemze, Rene E.M.Toes, Ger J.M.Pruijn: Anti-citrullinated fibronectin antibodies in rheumatoid arthritis are associated with HLA-DRB1 shared epitope alleles

Günter Steiner: On the role of nucleic acids and their binding proteins in the pathogenesis of autoimmune arthritis in rats, mice and men

An-Sofie Decavele, Carolien Bonroy: Evaluation of the Zenit RA for the detection of citrullinated protein antibodies

Raya Harich, Nicole Fabien: Evaluation of the measurement of anti-CCP antibodies by 2 methods: INOVA anti-CCP3 ELISA assay and BioPlex® 2200 Multiplex assay

1.3 Connective Tissue Diseases, Systemic Vasculitides and Antiphospho¬lipid Syndrome

Zoe E. Betteridge, Harsha Gunawardena and Neil J. McHugh: Novel autoantibodies, clinical phenotypes and pathogenesis of idiopathic myopathies

Helma Pluk, Baziel G. van Engelen, Ger J. M. Pruijn: Anti-Mup44: the first inclusion body myositis-specific autoantibody

Zoe E. Betteridge: Novel Autoantibodies to EIF3 in polymyositis

Marten Kayser, Markus Enderlein, Leonore Unger: Rapid progressive autoimmune myositis – case report

Anette Holck Draborg: Epstein-Barr virus diffuse early antigen directed immunoglobulin A antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus

A. Silva-Sanchez, C.-R. Liu, P. Kapoor, Y. Zhuang,T. Schoeb, H. W. Schroeder, Jr.: Anti-dsDNA antibody production is restricted by the germline composition of DH genes

Mike O. Becker, Angela Kill, Reinmar Undeutsch, Christoph Tabeling, Martin Witzenrath, Wolfgang M. Kuebler, Sebastian Bock, Rudi Sampati, Harald Heidecke, Ivo Lukitsch, Duska Dragun, Gabriela Riemekasten: Role of functional antibodies against vascular receptors in systemic sclerosis

Angela Kill, Jeannine Günther, Mike O. Becker, Harald Heidecke, Duska Dragun, Gabriele Riemekasten: Role of agonistic autoantibodies directed to the angiotensin II type 1 and the endothelin-1 type A receptors in systemic sclerosis

J. Günther, J.A. Calatayud Subias, A. Kill, M.O. Becker, G. Riemekasten: Systemic Sclerosis – agonistic autoantibodies directed against the angiotensin receptor type 1 and the endothelin receptor type A and their effects on immune cells

Kristin Rentzsch, Anthonina Ott, Wolfgang Meyer, Sandra Saschenbrecker, Wolfgang Schlumberger, Winfried Stöcker: Anti-tubular basement membrane antibodies: A new pathognomonic parameter in the serological diagnosis of progressive systemic sclerosis

Iva Gunnarsson, Wolfgang Schlumberger, Johan Rönnelid: PLA2 receptor antibodies as serological markers of idiopathic membranous nephritis are absent in active membranous lupus nephritis

M. Blüthner, M. Volkmann, H. Appelhans, I. Moosbrugger, C. Wiemann, C. Becker, H.P. Seelig: Identification of ATP-binding cassette transporter protein F1 (ABC-F1) as a novel autoantigen

Raisa Lerner, Xiaowen Guo, Wendy Vandam, Tony Prestigiacomo: Validation of Bio-Rad vasculitis assays for use on the Evolis™ and Evolis™ twin plus microplate systems

Raisa Lerner, Xiaowen Guo, Wendy Vandam, Tony Prestigiacomo: Validation of Bio-Rad vasculitis assays for use on the PhD™ and PhD™ LX IFA/EIA systems

Michael Mahler, Andrea Seaman, Elena Csernok, Renato A. Sinico, Antonella Radice: Performance of a novel chemiluminescence assay for the detection of PR3-and MPO-ANCA: Comparison with ELISA methods

Roberta Gualtierotti, M. Orietta Borghi, Elena Raschi, Francesco Tedesco, Pier Luigi Meroni: Antiphospholipid syndrome: not only an antibody-mediated disease

F. D’Aurizio, M. Fabris, R. Giacomello, J. Peresan, D. Visentini, F. Curcio, E. Tonutti: Anti-vimentin/cardiolipin complex autoantibodies in antiphospholipid syndrome: preliminary data using a new ELISA method

Christina Janko,Christine Schorn,SilkeWinkler,Ricardo Chaurio,Luis E.Munoz,Sylviane Muller, Hans-Joachim Gabius, Georg Schett, and Martin Herrmann: Autoantibodies against galectins as novel biomarkers for the antiphospholipid syndrome?

1.4 Neurological Diseases

L. Fialova, A. Bartos, J. Svarcova, D. Zimova, I. Malbohan: Neurofilament heavy chains and antibodies against them as markers for axonal damage in patients with multiple sclerosis

J. Svarcova, L. Fialova, A. Bartos, D. Zimova, I. Malbohan: Relationship between neurofilament light chains and antibodies against them in cerebrospinal fluid in patients with multiple sclerosis

J. Fraussen, K. Vrolix, P. Martinez-Martinez, M. Losen, R. Hupperts, B. van Wijmeersch, M.H. De Baets, P. Stinissen and V. Somers: Peripheral and intrathecal immortalized B cells from multiple sclerosis patients show clonal expansion and produce autoreactive antibodies

M. Rouwette, K. Somers, C. Govarts, R. Hupperts, B. van Wijmeersch, B. de Jong, M. Verbeek, V. van Pesch, C. Sindic, L. Villar, P. Stinissen and V. Somers: Discovery of novel antigenic targets for Clinically Isolated Syndrome

Judy King Man Ng, Joachim Malotka, Naoto Kawakami, Tobias Derfuss, Mohsen Khademi,Tomas Olsson, Philipp Sämann, Frank Weber, Masaaki Odaka, Nobuhiro Yuki, Björn Tackenberg, Johannes Brettschneider, Matthew Rasband, Christopher Linington, Harald Prüss, Jan Schwab, Reinhard Hohlfeld, Hartmut Wekerle, Klaus Dornmair, Edgar Meinl: Anti-neurofascin autoantibodies: Assay development and analysis of inflammatory diseases of the CNS and PNS

V. Novak, J. Junkerova: Isaac’s syndrome – casuistry

Nicole Petersen: Identification of linear epitopes of HuD antibodies related to paraneoplastic diseases

V. Jansen, R.Tripmacher, A. Jagiello, R. Moog, S.Tobisch, R. Lange: Anti-neuronal antibodies in the request context – an annual evaluation of a medical laboratory

1.5 Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases

Dimitrios P. Bogdanos, Karsten Conrad, Daniel S. Smyk, Eirini I. Rigopoulou, Alastair Forbes: Novel autoantibody markers in autoimmune gastrointestinal and liver diseases

Dirk Roggenbuck,Dirk Reinhold,ThomasWedx,Alexander Goihl,Ulrike von Arnim,Peter Malfertheiner, Thomas Büttner, Tomas Porstmann, Silvia Porstmann, Bodo Liedvogel, Dimitros P. Bogdanos, Martin W. Laas, Karsten Conrad: Autoantibodies to GP2 – A new marker for Crohn’s disease

Miroslav Hindos, Karin Malıckova, Ivana Janatkova: Determination of anti-deamidated gliadin/anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies in patients with anti-gliadin and anti-cow’s milk antibodies

G. Nagy, M. Papp, I. Csipo, S. Sipka: Occurrence of anti-alpha-fodrin antibodies in patients with Crohn’s disease

Caterina Defendenti, Silvia Grosso, Fabiola Atzeni, Annamaria Croce, Olivia Senesi, Simone Saibeni, Simona Bollani, Piero Luigi Almasio, Savino Bruno and Piercarlo Sarzi Puttini: Unusual B cells line in inflammatory bowel disease

Maria G. Mytilinaiou, Dirk Roggenbuck, Tassos Grammatikopoulos, Edward T. Davies, Ourania Romanidou, Eirini I. Rigopoulou, Ian MacFarlane, Giorgina Mieli-Vergani, Diego Vergani, Dimitrios P. Bogdanos: Anti-asialoglycoprotein receptor antibody measured by ELISA is a specific marker of liver autoimmunity and mirrors disease activity in patients with autoimmune hepatitis

S. Swiniarski, R. Klein, H. Ohira, T. Ostler: Relevance of M2 IgG, IgM & IgA antibodies in primary biliary cirrhosis

B. Schlüter, J. Schmalhorst, P. Willeke, H. Schotte: Evaluation of the diagnostic performance of an enzyme immunodot blot for the detection of anti-actin autoantibodies in patients with autoimmune hepatitis

1.6 Autoimmune Heart Diseases

Silvia Gilka Munoz-Saravia, Annekathrin Haberland, Gerd Wallukat, Ingolf Schimke: Chronic Chagas’ heart disease – from pathogenesis to treatment regimes

Alida L.P. Caforio, Stefania Bottaro, Sabino Iliceto: Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and myocarditis: classification, clinical and autoimmune features

Yongxia Qu, Mohamed Boutjdir: Pathophysiology of autoimmune-associated congenital heart block

1.7 Autoimmune Thrombotic Microangiopathies

Marie-Agnes Dragon-Durey: The anti-factor H autoantibody-associated hemolytic uremic syndrome

Peter F. Zipfel, Chen Qian, Dominik Müller, Christine Skerka: Autoimmune forms of complement associated kidney disorders

Anne Braunschweig, Stefanie Strobel, Mihaly Jozsi: Atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome-associated anti-factor H autoantibodies inhibit factor H binding to pentraxin 3

1.8 Autoimmune graft rejection

Gavin Pettigrew: Humoral autoimmunity in transplantation

Vijay Subramanian, Thalachallour Mohanakumar: Alloimmunity induced autoimmunity: role in the pathogenesis of chronic allograft rejection

Ralf Dechend, Duska Dragun, Florian Herse, Gabriele Riemekasten, Kai Schulze-Forster, Dominik N Müller, Harald Heidecke: Activating autoantibodies against the AT1-receptor in vascular disease

Chapter 2: Perspectives in the Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases

Falk Hiepe: Therapeutic concepts of targeting plasma cells

A. Haberland, G.Wallukat, C. Dahmen, A. Kage, I. Schimke: Aptamer-based immunotherapy

Oscar-Danilo Ortega-Hernandez,Yehuda Shoenfeld, Miri Blank: A decade of peptide-based immunotherapy for autoimmune diseases

Arpad Zsigmond Barabas, Chad Douglas Cole, Rene Lafreniere, Donald Mackay Weir: Prophylactic and therapeutic application of a new vaccination technique for combating autoimmune disorders

Yoshikazu Nakamura, Hironori Adachi, Akira Ishiguro: Attenuation of autoimmunity by anti-human-interleukin-17 aptamer in mouse models

Charlotte Starke, Vilma Urbonaviciute, Silke Frey, Georg Schett, Reinhard E. Voll: Autoantibody secreting cells in the nephritic kidneys of lupus prone NZB/W F1 mice are sensitive to bortezomib

Alena Kasperova, Lydie Czernekova, Katerina Zachova, Milada Horynova, Jan Novak, Jiri Mestecky, Ivan Sterzl, Milan Raska: Construction and production of synthetic competitors for suppression of the activity of immune complexes causing IgA nephropathy

E. Zanova, D. Kozakova, V. Polanova, I. Solovic, J. Rybar, F. Malis, J. Rovensky: Diagnostic of latent form of tuberculosis before anti TNF-treatment

Nicolai Leuchten, Karsten Conrad, Kerstin Johne, Ulrich Julius, Martin Aringer: High frequency immunoadsorption may reduce autoantibodies and improve lung disease in systemic sclerosis (SSc) – lessons from a first case

Carmen Barthuber, Philipp A. Lang, Karl S. Lang: Oxidized ATP inhibits T-cell-mediated autoimmunity

Arno Kromminga: Clinical impact of neutralizing antibodies against TNF-alpha inhibitors

Karin Malıckova, Ivana Janatkova, Nadezda Machkova, Dana Duricova, Martin Bortlık, Tomas Zima, Milan Lukas: Formation of antiphospholipid antibodies and antibodies to infliximab in anti-TNF-alpha antibody-treated patients with inflammatory bowel diseases

Chapter 3: Diagnostics of Autoimmune Diseases

3.1 Autoantibody Determinations – History and Perspectives

Rene-Louis Humbel: History of autoimmune serology

Ivo Lochman, Alena Kloudova, Alexandra Lochmanova, Vitezslav Novak, Jan Martinek, Hana Tomaskova, Ivana Putova, Ladislav Cebecauer: Rheumatoid Factors after 70 years – Why cannot be still expected standardization of their determination?

Marvin J. Fritzler: Autoantibody testing: current challenges and future opportunities

Elena Csernok: ANCA testing: Current stage and perspectives

Michael Mahler,Walter L Binder, Marvin J Fritzler: Recent advances in peptide resolved diagnostics of systemic autoimmune diseases

Felix Steinbeck, Nadine Born, Peter Lorenz, Björn Ziems, Johannes Wollbold, Michael Hecker, Michael O. Glocker, and Hans-Jürgen Thiesen: Comparative analysis of sera reacting with linear peptides and recombinant proteins

Joerg-M. Hollidt, Robert Lange: Enhanced Biobanking – a prospective approach for the procurement of human biomaterial for the diagnostic industry

Dennis Krischok, Robert Lange, Volker Plickert, Lutz Melchior, Joerg-M. Hollidt, Frauke Adams: Development of an interface connecting the mobile reader system OpTrilyzer® to HL-7 hospital information systems for the use in autoimmune diagnostics

3.2 Role of Immunofluorescence in Autoantibody Detection

Allan Wiik, Peter Charles, Jan Meyrowitsch: Multi-centre collaboration is needed to reach a unified and strictly defined classification of IIF ANA patterns

Rico Hiemann,Thomas BüttnerThorsten Krieger Dirk Roggenbuck,UlrichSack,Karsten Conrad: Challenges of automated screening and differentiation of non-organ specific autoantibodies on HEp-2 cells

Karl Egerer, Dirk Roggenbuck, Rico Hiemann, Max-Georg Weyer, Thomas Büttner, Boris Radau, Rosemarie Krause, Barbara Lehmann, Eugen Feist, Gerd-Rüdiger Burmester: Automated interpretation of antinuclear antibody assessment on HEp2-cells by standardized algorithms

Carol Buchner: Digital image analysis results show high reproducibility and agreement with human interpretation on HEp-2 cells

Thorsten Krieger: Comparison of an ANA automated reading system with conventional fluorescence microscopy

Milca Geane de Lamos Valim: Assessment of the CTD-screen Phadia-EliA and of the ANA screening assay in the routine clinical laboratory of a general hospital

Markku Viander, Marja Hietarinta, Jussi Kantele: Clinical evaluation of EliA CTD Screen in CTD patients and control samples in comparison to ANA immunofluorescence (IIF) on HEp-2 cells

Michael Mahler, Andrea Seaman, Todd Parker, Aaron Llanes, Carol L. Peebles, John G. Hanly, Marvin J. Fritzler: Redefining ANA testing: Development of a highly specific ANA HEp-2 test based on immunoabsorption of anti-DFS70 autoantibodies

Maria G. Mytilinaiou, Bianca Teegen, Tassos Grammatikopoulos, Edward T. Davies, Eirini I. Rigopoulou, Lars Komorowski, Wolfgang Meyer, Cornelia Dähnrich, Giorgina Mieli-Vergani, Kai Fechner, Diego Vergani, Dimitrios P. Bogdanos: ANA immunofluorescence patterns and their association with reactivity to molecularly defined nuclear targets in children with type 1 autoimmune hepatitis

P. Congedo, C. Defendenti, S. Finazzi, E. Arighi, C. Colzani, F. De Filippi, M. Lotzniker, A. Papa, G. Spinzi, R.Terramocci, N.Terreni: Cytoplasmic ring/rod autoantibodies in patients undergoing screening for antinuclear antibodies (ANA)

Dirk Roggenbuck, Dirk Reinhold, Rico Hiemann, Ursula Anderer, Thomas Büttner, Karsten Conrad: Standardized detection of anti-ds DNA antibodies by indirect immunofluorescence – A new age for confirmatory tests in SLE diagnostics

Winfried Stöcker, Martin Rateike, Markus Morrin, Jörn Voigt, Kristin Rentzsch, Christopher Krause, Konstantin Ens, Hendrik Fauer, Erhardt Barth, Christian Feirer, Daniel Wuttig, Kai Fechner, Steffen Kloth and Thomas Martinetz: Computer-Aided Immunofluorescence Microscopy (CAIFM) in the diagnosis of autoimmune and infectious diseases

Jan Damoiseaux, Kathleen Mallet, Mia Vaessen, Jos Austen, and Jan Willem Cohen Tervaert: Automatic reading of ANCA-slides: evaluation of the AKLIDES system

Ilka Knütter, Rico Hiemann, Therese Brumma, Thomas Büttner, Kai Großmann, Dirk Roggenbuck, Dirk Reinhold, Elena Csernok: Performance of the automated immunofluorescence system AKLIDES®for detection of antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies

Jan Damoiseaux, Margit van Rijsingen, Nicole Warnemünde, Cornelia Dähnrich, Jan Willem Cohen Tervaert, Kai Fechner, Pamela Poblete-Gutierrez: Autoantibody detection in bullous pemphigoid: comparison of sensitivity and specificity of different diagnostic techniques

3.3 Novel Assays for Autoimmune Diagnostics

Arnaud Quittard-Pinon, Bernhard Mani, Renato Cotti, J´erome Fernandez, Christiane Caudie: AnewELISA test for the detection of the monoclonality of anti-MAG antibodies

P. Aeschlimann, M. Hadjivassiliou, M. Hils, J.Weber, R. Pasternack, M. Adamczyk, K. Beck, D. Aeschlimann: Detection of conformation-specific autoantibodies to transglutaminase 6 in neurology patients

J. Schulte-Pelkum, R. Lucassen, M. Petschinka, M. Fooke: New sensitive and reliable Lateral Flow Assays for the detection of proteinase 3 and myeloperoxidase antibodies

Akihiro Murakami: Development of anti-type VII collagen ELISA for the diagnosis and monitoring the disease activity of epidermolysis bullosa acquisita patients

Akihiro Murakami: Development of ELISA to detect anti-aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase autoantibodies for the diagnosis of myositis and interstitial pneumonia

3.4 Multiplex Immunoassays – Autoantibody Profiling

Karl Egerer, Dirk Roggenbuck, Thomas Büttner, Barbara Lehmann, Annushka Kohn, Philipp von Landenberg,Eugen Feist,Gerd-Rüdiger Burmester,Thomas Dörner: Profiling of antiphospholipid antibodies – association with cerebrovascular events in antiphospholipid syndrome (APS)

Christiane Caudie, Arnaud Quittard Pinon, Franc¸oise Bouhour, Christophe Vial, Nicole Fabien: Multiparametric detection of anti-ganglioside antibodies by 5 commercial immunoassays in patients with well-characterized immune-mediated peripheral neuropathies

Klaus-Peter Wandinger, Christine Klingbeil, Patrick Waters, Josep Dalmau, Sandra Saschenbrecker, Kathrin Borowski, Angela Vincent, Christian Probst,Winfried Stöcker: Multiparametric serological testing in autoimmune encephalitis using a recombi¬nant immunofluorescence assay and EUROTIDE technology

Christian Probst, Inga-Madeleine Blöcker, Winfried Stöcker, Enno Schmidt, Detlef Zillikens, Lars Komorowski: Detection of autoantibodies in pemphigus, bullous pemphigoid, and epidermolysis bullosa acquisita by indirect immunofluorescence with a Biochip™ mosaic

M. Lotzniker, S. Finazzi, G. Re, S. Forlani, P. Faggioli: Improvement in routine laboratory protocols for systemic sclerosis

Carolien Bonroy, Jens Van Praet, Vanessa Smith, Katleen Van Steendam, Tsuneyo Mimori, Ellen Deschepper, Dieter Deforce, Katrien Devreese and Filip De Keyser: Validation of a single multiparameter lineblot for the detection of systemic sclerosis-associated autoantibodies

Kai Großmann, Rico Hiemann, Annika Willitzki, Therese Brumma, Ilka Knütter, Dirk Reinhold, Ulrich Sack, Karsten Conrad, Elena Csernok, Dirk Roggenbuck: Multiplex autoantibody detection for serological diagnosis of systemic vasculitides 

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