W. Weimar, M.A. Bos, J.J. Busschbach (Eds)

Organ Transplantation: Ethical, Legal and Psychosocial Aspects. Towards a Common European Policy


1. Introduction

W. Weimar, M. A. Bos, J. J. Busschbach: ELPAT, the European Platform on Ethical, Legal and Psychosocial Aspects on Organ Transplantation

M. A. Bos: Organ Transplantation – The European Perspective

F. L. Delmonico: Transplant Tourism and Organ Trafficking, an American Perspective

L. D. de Castro: Organ Transplantation: A Developing Country Perspective

2. Commercialization and Trafficking

Workshop I „Commercialization and Trafficking“: Recommendations

F. de Charro, M. Oppe, M. Bos, J. Busschbach, W. Weimar: A Regulated Organ Market?

G. M. Danovitch: Who Cares? Impact of Commercialized Kidney Transplantation on the Doctor-Patient Realtionship

A. J. Matas: In Defense of a Regulated System of Compensation for Kidney Donation

S. Olsena: A Latvian Case: The Removal of Tissue from 400 Deceased Persons

J. Zargooshi: Commercial Renal Transplantation in Iran: The Recipients’ Perspective 

J. Zargooshi: Iran’s Commercial Renal Transplantation Program: Results and Complications

3. Legal Systems for Organ Donation and Allocation

Workshop 2 „Legal Systems for ORgan Donation and Allocation“: Recommendations

A. J. Cronin: Equitable Access to Organs

W. Dondorp: Does Justice Allow Living Donor List Exchange? A Recent Report from the Health Council of the Netherlands

G. C. Oniscu, J. L. R. Forsythe: Allocation of Kidneys for Transplantation: Practical Aspects and Ethical Dilemmas

M. T. Hilhorst: „Living Apart Together“
Do the Two Co-existing Systems – Cadaveric and Living Donation – Live in Harmony?

H. Kreis: Whose Organs are they, Anyway?

H. A. van Leiden, N. E. Jansen, B. J. J. M. Haase-Kromwijk, M. B. A. Heemskerk, C. R. Smand, E. de Buijzer, A. J. Hoitsma: Consent for Donation in The Netherlands: Relation between Registration and Relatives’ Consent

B. L. Neades: Healthcare Professionals’ Experiences in Applying Presumed Consent Legislation in Organ Donation in Three European Countries: A Phenomenological Study

G. Nowenstein: Is Presumed Consent Legislation just Black Letter Law? Methodological and Theoretical Lessons from the French Case

D. P. T. Price: Legal Systems for Organ Distribution in Europe: Justice in Allocation

A. Ravelingien: Will Xenotransplantation Enhance Equity? Some Points to Consider Regarding Health Care Costs

L. F. Ross: The Ethics of Kidney Paired Exchanges and Thematic Variations

4. Altruism, Counselling and Psychological Aspects of Living Donation

Workshop 3 „Altruism, Counselling and Psychological Aspects of Living Donation“: Recommendations

T. Brkljacic, L. Kaliterna-Lipovcan, R. Franc: Blood and Bone Marrow Donation: Similarities and Differences in a Psychological Context

M. A. Dew, C. L. Jacobs, S. G. Jowsey, R. Hanto, C. Miller, F. L. Delmonico: Psychosocial Evaluation of Living Unrelated Kidney Donors in the United States: Summary of Guidelines from a Consensus Conference

A. DiMartini, K. Porterfield, M. G. Fitzgerald, M. A. Dew, G. E. Switzer, A. Marcos, K. Tom: Psychological Profile of Living Liver Donors and Post-Donation Outcomes

G. den Hartogh: When are Living Donations Voluntary enough?

J. Hoyer: Is the Non-directed Donation the Ideal Living Organ Donation?

M. de Klerk, W. C. Zuidema, L. W. Kranenburg, J. N. M. IJzermans, W. Weimar: Justification for Anonymity in a Kidney Exchange Program

L. Kranenburg, W. Zuidema, W. Weimar, M. Hilhorst, J. IJzermans, J. Passchier, J. Busschbach: How to Inform Potential Donors about Living Kidney Donation?

M. E. Olbrisch, S. M. Rausch, J. L. Levenson: Psychosocial Assessment of Candidates for Transplantation Ratings in 1500 Adult Liver Transplant Candidates

M. E. Olbrisch, S. M. Benedict, K. L. Cropsey, A. Ashworth, R. A. Fisher: Characteristics of Persons Seeking to Become Adult-to-Adult Living Liver Donors: A Single U.S. Center Experience with 150 Donor Candidates

M. Omnell Persson, L. Broström, N. H. Persson, G. Hermerén: Living Donors – How Far can we Proceed? A Brief Report on a Swedish Interview Study

J. W. Saloma: My Mommy’s Kidneys are Sick and She is Dying! Why Internet Solicitation for Transplantation is Unethical

M. A. Sanner: Recruiting a Living Kidney donor: Experiences of Living Donors and Recipients of Living and Necro Kidneys

D. S. Silva, L. Wright: Of Altruists and Egoists: Living Anonymous Donors

G. E. Switzer, M. A. Dew, L. Myaskovsky, M. Crowley-Matoka, D. J. Harrington, A. F. DiMartini: Mothers’ Experiences of Umbilical Cord Blood Donation

W. Zuidema, L. W. Kranenburg, R. A. M. Erdman, M. de Klerk, M. T. Hilhorst, J. N. M. IJzermans, W. Weimar: Living Kidney Donation by Goods Samaritans

5. Minorities, Religion and Gender Aspects

Workshop 4 „Minorities, Religion and Gender Aspects“: Recommendations

G. M. Abouna: Islamic Views and Perspectives on Organ Donation and Transplantation

M. Achille, I. Vaillancourt, G. Beaulieu-Pelletier: Living Kidney Donors: Are Women Motivated by Love and Men by Logic?

P. Bruzzone: Religious Aspects of Organ Transplantation

C. Cantrelle, E. Luciolli, B. Loty, P. Tuppin: Comparison of Access to Kidney Transplantation in France and Graft Survival between Non-French Patients and French Patients Living in Overseas Territories or on the Mainland

S. van Embden, M. A. G. Sprangers, H. C. J. M. de Haes: Factors Affecting Willingness to Donate and Donor Registration: An Intercultural Comparison

M.-C. Fortin, M. Dion-Labrie, H. Doucet: Cross-Cultural Study of Transplant Physicians’ Views on Living Altruistic Donation

E. Maeckelberghe, M. Verkerk: Religious Convictions and Consequences for Transplantation Waiting Lists

L. Myaskovsky, G. E. Switzer, M. K. Mor, M. Ramkumar, R. Shapiro, M. A. Dew: Cultural Factors Related to Race Differences in Preference for Living Donor Kidney Transplantation

M. Potts, D. W. Evans: Is Solid Organ Donation by Living Donors Ethical? The Case of Kidney Donation

J. Radcliffe Richards: Transplants and the Problems of Justice to Groups

G. Randhawa: Organ Donation and Transplantation – The Realities for Minority Ethnic Groups in the UK

S. Sevimli: Transplantation and Medicine Ethics in Turkey

K. Ross, D. Pape, L. Wright: A Review of Ethical Issues in the Transplantation of HIV-infected Patients

6. Post-Mortem Donation

Workshop 5 „Post-Mortem Donor“: Recommendations

M.-J. Clermont: The Ghost between us. Maintaining the Secret about Donor Identity; Moral Obligations entwined in this Rule

A. J. Hoitsma: NHB Donation: How bad is it really?

T. Pont, N. Masnou, R. M. Gràcia, M. Barreto, E. Duque, J. Portillo, N. Vila, P. Salamero, R. Deulofeu: Health Care Professionals – What do they know about Organ Donation?

M. Siebelink, H. B. M. Van de Wiel, P. F. Roodbol, M. J. I. J. Albers: Research into the Donation Willingness in Pediatrics in The Netherlands – A Desirable Question or a Questionable Desire?

M. H. Sieber-Rasch, J. A. M. Hagenaars, W. K. Redekop, H. A. van Leiden, B. J. J. M. Haase, J. N. M. IJzermans: Family Refusal Causes Discrepancy between Potential and Utilized Donors: A Prospective Study in 6 Hospitals in the Region of Rotterdam

D. Sperling: Me or Mine? On Property from Personhood, Symbolic Existence and Motivation to Donate Organs

M. Sque, T. Long, S. Payne: Why Bereaved Relatives Decline Organ and Tissue Donation

7. Role of Patients, Media and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Workshop 6 „Role of Patients, Media and Pharmaceutical Industry“: Recommendations

F. Fonjallaz, F. Fasseur, N. Ruffiner-Boner, T. Cuttelod, J. Szymanski, M. Santiago, N. Pilon, J.-P. Venetz, M. Pascual, C. Piot-Ziegler: Spontaneous Discourse on Employment Status and Professional Identity of Patients Waiting for Solid Organ Transplantation

L. Gangeri, C. Brunelli, M. Bosisio, M. Tamburini, S. Ermenenco, V. Mazzaferro: Liver Transplant Experience: Development of a Health Related Quality of Life Specific Module (FACT-LT)

V. A. Torres-Collazo, M. S. Guchereau: Improving Quality of Life by Treating Corticosteroid-Induced Psychological Disturbances in Transplant Recipients

M. Knibbe, E. Maeckelberghe, M. Verkerk: The Family as Patient and Caregiver: Adjustment of the Ethical Agenda about Parental Organ-Donation

W. G. Land, T. Gutmann, A. S. Daar: Emerging Science, Emerging Ethical Issues: Who should Fund Innate Alloimmunity-Suppressing Drugs?

N. Masnou, T. Pont, P. Salamero, E. Duque, M. Barreto, X. Millan, J. Portillo, J. Sendra, N. Vilà: Teens and Transplants – Teaching Project about Donation in Barcelona

J. Partridge: Initiating a European Platform on Organ Transplantation Face Transplantation: Hearing the Patients’ Voice

J. L. Szymanski, L. Pralong, N. Ruffiner-Boner, F. Fasseur, J. Maillefer, M. Santiago, C. Piot-Ziegler: Spontaneous Discourse on Live and Deceased Organ Donation in Renal Patients after Registration on Deceased Donation Waiting List

C. Piot-Ziegler, N. Ruffiner-Boner, F. Fasseur: The „Psycho-Nomad“: Translator, Mediator and a Lead for Patients Awaiting Transplantation

D. Terán-Escandón, L. Á. Terán-Ortíz, R. Valdés-González-Salas, M. Gutiérrez-Cadena: Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of Xenotransplantation in Mexico

M. Tielen, S. Jedeloo, A. L. van Staa, W. Weimar: Immunosuppressive Drugs and Young Adults: A Difficult Combination

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