Karsten Conrad, Marvin Fritzler, Ulrich Sack, Yehuda Shoenfeld (Eds.)
From Proteomics to Molecular Epidemiology: Relevance of Autoantibodies
Report on the 6th Dresden Symposium on Autoantibodies held in Dresden on September 4-7, 2002

2002, 700 pages,
ISBN 3-936142-89-0,
Price: 70,- Euro


  1. The impact of genomics/ribonomics/proteomics on autoantigen and autoantibody research

  2. New diagnostic techniques in autoantigen/autoantibody analyses

  3. Novel autoantibodies of diagnostic and / or pathogenic relevance

  4. Induction of autoantibodies and autoimmune diseases

  5. Pathogenic effects of autoantibodies

  6. Pathogenic autoantibodies in pregnancy

  7. Autoantibodies against receptor structures Pathogenesis and therapy of anti-receptor-antibody induced diseases

  8. Autoantibodies in skin diseases

  9. Autoantibodies against citrullinated antigens

  10. 1Autoantibodies in thrombotic diseases and atherosclerosis

  11. Autoantibodies in liver and gastrointestinal diseases

  12. Autoantibodies in neurological and endocrine diseases

  13. Autoantibodies and epidemiology

  14. Methodical aspects and diagnostic strategies

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