K. Conrad, R.-L. Humbel, M. Meurer, Y. Shoenfeld, E. M. Tan (Eds.)
Autoantigens and Autoantibodies: Diagnostic Tools and Clues to Understanding Autoimmunity

  1. Autoimmunity in neurological and paraneoplastic diseases

  • S. Renaud, D. Leppert, A. J. Steck: Clinical and biological aspects of autoantibodies in immune neuropathies

  • J. Dalmau: Antigens, antibodies and mechanisms of immunity in paraneoplastic disorders of the central nervous system 

  • M. Solimena, M. Butler, P. de Camilli: Autoimmunity in Stiff-Man syndrome

  • R. Voltz, M. Rosenfeld, J. Posner, J. Dalmau: Paraneoplastic anti-Ta and anti-Ma antibody reactivities: An update of 21 patients

  • B. de Leeuw, J. Grefkens, H. Hooikaas, P. A. E. Sillevis Smitt: Frequency of paraneoplastic autoantibodies and associated neurological and tumor diagnoses 

  • R. L. Humbel, M. Goeury, V. Pierrard, P. Schmit, G. Gilson: Problems in the determination of anti-GAD antibodies in Stiff-Man syndrome

  • M. J. Fritzler, S. M. Kerfoot, T. E. Feasby, D. W. Zochodne, J. M. Westendorf, J. O. Dalmau, E. K. L. Chan: Autoantibodies from patients with idiopathic ataxia bind to M-phase phosphoprotein-1 (MPP1)

  • M. Klotz, D. Funke, M. Strittmatter, K. Schimrigk, H. Huwer, F. Blaes: Disturbance in the serum IgG subclass distribution in patients with anti-Hu positive paraneoplastic neurological syndromes

  • W. Meyer, B. Schneider, M. Klotz, W. Schlumberger, W. Stöcker: EUROLINE ganglioside profile: A new membrane test for the detection of autoantibodies against gangliosides


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