K. Conrad, R.-L. Humbel, M. Meurer, Y. Shoenfeld, E. M. Tan (Eds.)
Autoantigens and Autoantibodies: Diagnostic Tools and Clues to Understanding Autoimmunity

  1. Autoantigens - Structure, function and role in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases 

  • F. Hiepe: The particle nature of intracellular autoantigens

  • T. Achsel, H. Brahms, R. Lührmann: Antigenicity, structure and function of the Sm protein family

  • G. J. M. Pruijn: Autoantigenic complexes in the nucleolus of human cells

  • M. Fritzler, J. B. Rattner: Autoantibodies to the mitotic apparatus: Biological breakthroughs, clinical application, etiological complexity

  • E. M. Tan, M. Lu, J.-Y. Zhang, E. K. L. Chan: Autoantibodies to aberrantly regulated mRNA binding proteins in cancer

  • Y. Takasaki, K. Kaneda, K. Takeuchi, T. Yano, H. Hashimoto: Antibodies to PCNA and Ki - A linked set of autoimmune response associated with cellular function of target antigens

  • A. Kießlich, A. von Mikecz, P. Hemmerich: The role of nuclear bodies in transcription

  • A. von Mikecz, S. Zhang, M. Montminy, E. M. Tan, P. Hemmerich: CBP/p300 and RNA-polymerase II colocalize in transcriptionally active domains in the nucleus

  • C. Casiano, C. Molinaro, T. Daniels, X. Wu: LEDGF, a novel autoantigen with growth factor and survival activities that is cleaved by caspases 3 and 7 during apoptosis

  • M. Bachmann, J. Laubinger, M. Schmitz, K. Conrad, E. P. Rieber: Description of a novel human protein, LaXp180, with homologies to the nuclear autoantigen La/SS-B, B1 Laminin and the protooncogene Stathmin

  • B. T. Kurien, R. Hal Scofield, J. B. Harley, M. Bachmann: Calcium ion mediated protein-protein interaction in the 60 kD Ro ribonucleoprotein particle


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