E. Faist, A. E. Baue, F. W. Schildberg (Eds.)
The Immune Consequences of Trauma, Shock and Sepsis - Mechanisms and Therapeutic Approaches

1996, 2370 pages total

Three volumes contain the contributions of the Third International Congress on the Immune Consequences of Trauma, Shock and Sepsis (Munich). Volume I is dedicated to basic mechanisms, inflammation, and tissue injury, volume II and III to concepts, clinical correlates, therapy. Part one offers a basic approach to the problems of injury, sepsis, illness operations: necessary informations for surgery, intensive care, emergency medicine, and other clinical areas. Part II and III is more clinical and therapeutic.


Volume I: ISBN 3-928057-75-8, Price: 80,- Euro

Volume II.1 and II.2: ISBN 3-928057-76-6 (Volume II.1) and ISBN 3-931660-14-1 (Volume II.2), Price: 140,- Euro

Volume I and II: ISBN 3-931660-15-X, Price: 180,- Euro

Pabst Science Publishers
Eichengrund 28
D-49525 Lengerich

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