A. Nierhaus, K. G. Kreymann (Eds.)

Sepsis, SIRS, Immune Response – Concepts, Diagnostics and Therapy

Sepsis: Concepts and Diagnosis

  • H. Gerlach: The Grading of Sepsis – Why we Need New Definitions

  • F. Esen: Markers of Infection and Inflammation are Important in Intensive Care Medicine: Pro

  • F. M. Brunkhorst: EBM in Intensive Care Medicine: Does it Work?

Immune Response in Sepsis: Science and Clinics

  • V. Fanelli, K. J. Bosma, A. S. Slutsky, V. M. Ranieri: Modulation of the Cytokine Network by Lung Protective Mechanical Ventilation Strategies

  • M. Levi, E. de Jonge, T. van der Poll : Coagulation in Sepsis

  • G. Monneret, F. Venet, A. Lepape: Monocyte Anergy: The Chicken or the Egg?

  • B. Montag, D. P. Frings, A. Heydorn, A. Zapfe, T. Steigemann, R. Jung, G. Kreymann, A. Nierhaus: Natural Course of Septic Immunoparalysis – Recovery Indicates Higher Survival Rate

Mediators and Mechanisms

  • R. R. Schumann: Pattern Recognition and Sepsis

  • D. M. Levine: Therapeutic Potential of a Lipid Emulsion in Gram-Negative Sepsis

  • M. Singer, V. De Santis, D. Vitale, W. Jeffcoate: Multiorgan Failure is an Adaptive, Endocrine-mediated, Metabolic Response to Overwhelming Systemic Inflammation

  • D. Brealey, M. Singer: Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Sepsis

Risk Factors

  • M. Bauer: Iatrogenic Immunosuppression in the ICU – What can be avoided?

  • M. van Griensven: Immunological Changes after Trauma: Surgery Influences the Severity and Outcome

  • D. Mack, J. K.-M. Knobloch, M. A. Horstkotte, H. Rohde, E. Stürenburg: Nosocomial Infection on the Intensive Care Unit Caused by Problem Organisms with Multiple Antibiotic Resistances

  • R. Brause, E. Hanisch, J. Paetz, B. Arlt: Predicting Death for Abdominal Septic Shock Patients – The Results of the MEDAN Project

  • B. E. Kehrel: Gerinnungsdiagnostik bei Sepsis – Alte Mythen, Neues Wissen

Therapeutic Aspects

  • D. Keh: Kortison bei Sepsis?

  • C. G. Schneider: Surgical Treatment of Peritonitis

  • K. G. Kreymann: How I Feed Patients with Sepsis

  • M. Sydow: Wie ich neue Beatmungsformen einsetze

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