S. Klaus, L. Bahlmann (Eds.)
Microdialysis – Monitoring Tissue Chemistry in Intensive Care Medicine
Experimental Results and Clinical Application of Biochemical Tissue Monitoring in Critical Illness

2004, 140 pages,
 ISBN 3-89967-124-4 (Europe)
ISBN 1-59326-068-7 (USA)
Price: 18,- Euro

U. Ungerstedt, B.-M. Bellander, C.-H. Nordström: Microdialysis in Neurointensive Care – Principles and Interpretations

C.-H. Nordström: Intracerebral Microdialysis during Routine Neuro Intensive Care

A. S. Sarrafzadeh, D. Haux, A. W. Unterberg: Microdialysis in Patients with Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

M. Smith, T. Belli, J. Sen, S. Russo, A. Petzold, N. Kitchen: Prediction of Secondary Brain Injury during Neurocritical Care: The Role of Cerebral Microdialysis

L. Bahlmann, A. Leptien, S. Klaus: Myocardial Metabolism during Open Heart Surgery Assessed by Microdialysis

K. Jansson: Technique and Results of Intraperitoneal Microdialysis (IPM)

G. Nowak: Initial Experience in Experimental and Clinical Use of Microdialysis in Liver Transplantation

J. J. Tenhunen: Splanchnic Region in Critical Illness – Intestinal Microdialysis as a Tool for Regional Metabolic Monitoring

F. Islinger, C. Joukhadar: Tissue Pharmacokinetics of Antimicrobial Agents in Septic Patients

S. Klaus, L. Bahlmann: Tissue Metabolism in Different Types of Shock – Does Metabolic Monitoring make Sense?

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