J. Shemer, Y. Shoenfeld (Eds.)
Terror and Medicine
Medical Aspects of Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Terrorism

ISBN 3-89967-018-3, 
ISBN 1-59326-064-4 (USA)
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  • J. Shemer, Y. Shoenfeld: Diabolical Terror

  • J. Shemer, S. C. Shapira: Terror and Medicine The Challenge

  • Y. Blachar, M. Borow: From Geneva to Afghanistan: The Ethical Implications of Terror and the Effect on the Physician

  • A. Eldad: National Preparedness for Biological Mass Casualty Event: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Policies and Doctrines of Non-Conventional Warfare

  • M. Maman, S. Luria: Non-Conventional Terrorism: Historical Aspects

  • S. C. Shapira, J. Shemer: The Medical Management of Terrorist Attacks

  • S. C. Shapira, J. Shemer, M. Oren: Hospital Management of a Bioterror Event

  • S. C. Shapira, K. Peleg: Medical Guidelines for the Management of Mega Terror

  • L. Poles: Principles of Contingency Planning for an Unusual Biological Event

Chemical, Biological and Radiological Terror

General Overview

  • M. Huerta, A. Leventhal: The Epidemiological Pyramid of Bioterrorism

  • M. S. Green, Z. Kaufman: Syndromic Surveillance for Early Detection and Monitoring of Infectious Disease Outbreaks Associated with Terrorism

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