T. Gutmann, A. S. Daar, R. A. Sells, W. Land (Eds.)
Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Organ Transplantation

2004, 560 pages,
ISBN 3-89967-017-5 (Europe)
ISBN 1-59326-063-6 (USA)
Price: 60,- Euro / US$

Issues in organ replacement therapy represent a paradigm for ethics and questions of justice  in modern medicine. 

The book - based on the December 2002 Munich International Congress on Ethics of Organ Transplantation - delivers an overview of current worldwide achievements, analyses, controversies, and dilemmas. It deals with the topics Equitable Allocation of Organs, Living Organ Donation around the World, Financial Incentives and Commerce in Organ Transplantation, Embryonic Stem Cell Biology / Cloning of Individuals, Genetic Engineering of Organs / Xenotransplantation, and Regenerative Medicine, which are intensely discussed among medical, ethical, and legal experts, and by the general public.

The question is raised: How to define the acceptable? And is there a single universal set of ethical norms the everyone worldwide could and should accept?

Pabst Science Publishers
Eichengrund 28
D-49525 Lengerich

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