G. Steinhoff, M. Freund, V. Jansson, A. Rolfs (Eds.)
Stem Cells in Tissue Regeneration

2003, 164 pages,
ISBN 3-89967-006-X (Europe), 
ISBN 1-59326-59-8 (USA), 
Price: 20,- Euro

Recently, stem cell research has attracted considerable interest, chiefly because preclinical and early clinical applications show great promise for the treatment of various chronic diseases. The idea of growing, for example, new nerve cells, heart muscle cells, blood vessels, cartilage, or bone to replace lost or diseased tissue is indeed intriguing. However, clinical applications of stem cell-based therapies can only succeed in close collaboration of clinicians and scientists, since most of the mechanisms that turn a stem cell into a specific target cell are still poorly understood. On the other hand, the public response to stem cell research is not entirely positive, since there are numerous interactions with highly sensitive topics like embryonic stem cells or cloning, both of which are subject to strong philosophic, religious, and legal opinions. To discuss the numerous issues of stem cell research in a conducive environment and to encourage the exchange of knowledge between scientists and clinicians working on various aspects of stem cell research, was the goal of the first BALTIC STEM CELL CONFERENCE, held in June 2002 on Burg Schlitz near Rostock, Germany. Basic researchers, clinicians, politicians, and ethicists provided their point of view on what has been done, what can be done, and what should be done to advance stem cell-based therapies to the benefit of our patients. Their key note lectures form the basis of this book, which, we hope, will be of interest to every individual involved in one of the aspects of this exciting and promising field.

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